Kimberly Cobb is a portrait photographer who specializes in seniors and young children. She is a mother of seven children who is still living out her own childhood! Her family is the most important and joyous thing in her life. She feels the happiest when she is exploring the world around her, talking to or observing children, and chasing the little black squirrels with her camera around the yard. In over the last decade or more, Kimberly has taken many photography classes- several were with Steve Floro through the Mansfield Art Center- and has attended classes at OSU-Mansfield including instruction in film and digital photography as well as digital imaging. She is now continuing her growth here at Tog Loft in what she describes as a “wonderful environment in downtown Mansfield.”

What do you love about photography?

I have loved studying photographs since I was a small child. I used to study my parent’s high school yearbooks and memorize the people in them. I’m always the one at the party who is off looking at the wall of pictures for long periods of time! I guess if I try to understand why, it’s because I feel like our day-to-day life is at times so frantic that we can feel like so much of it is just a blur. A photograph gives us the chance to go back and reflect for as long as we choose to really soak in whatever it is that we may have missed, whatever it is that sparks some emotion or memory, or even just takes us out of our own heads for a moment.

What is your “secret sauce?”

I consider my best photographs to be mostly of a semi-candid nature. I think most people feel at ease when not necessarily having to pose stiffly for a portrait. Sometimes this can be easier to achieve than others. Mostly I will use a combination of both. Taking the candid ones after they are letting down their guard from the pose. I like when you can get a feeling of the image telling a story. That you can feel you know the subjects individuality through the series of images from a shoot.

Kimberly’s work can be found on her Instagram account