Roelin Holmes is a portrait and wedding photographer. Roelin has taken numerous classes by Creative Live Inc and Kelby One. In addition to studying under experts in the wedding photography industry, he spent last spring attending the F-Stoppers workshops in the Bahamas. A big part of his business philosophy involves training as it allows him to continue to be competitive in his industry. From wood-working to gardening, Roelin enjoys creative, hands-on disciplines that cater to his attention to detail. In fact, he has been called a “master gardener” and has participated in numerous Chrysanthemum flower show competitions. However, he enjoys photography the most. Over the last 40 years, he has honed his photography skills by capturing images of everything that catches his eye. In 2013, he decided to turn his passion into his profession, and Visions by Vern Photography was born.

What do you love about photography?

From my experience, photography takes many forms and evokes a variety of sentiments. To me, that is the most important part of a photograph – if it makes a person feel. This can be a range of emotions: A photograph might make you feel happy, amused, warm, content, nostalgic, or sometimes, a photo might even make you feel melancholy or wistful. But, whatever the emotion, I think a good photograph always makes you feel something. That’s why I use three words to describe my photography: Joy, Passion, and Emotion. These are the feelings that should resonate with people as they celebrate the most significant times in their lives, such as graduating from school or getting married. My intention is to make these moments unforgettable through beautifully real images.

What is your “secret sauce?”

At Visions By Vern, our mission is to capture and provide artistic images demonstrating visionary excellence. We strive to document those candid moments of your life just the way you want them to be captured. Our images are meant to reflect your feelings of joy, happiness, and contentment – emotions that can be experienced through photographs for a lifetime.

Roelin’s work can be found on his website

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