Aphordia, better known as Shay, is a fashion and portrait photographer who also photographs seniors. Shay has taken digital media classes in high school as well as photography classes in Cleveland. She loves photography and strives to become better. She is a strong believer in God, a lover of everything art, and surrounds herself with peace, love, and happiness.

What do you love about photography?

Everything! I love the moments that can be captured! The fact that you can look at a photo and feel that moment, that mood, that memory! Sometimes someone can capture a photo of you and you didn’t realize how beautiful you really are!

What is your “secret sauce?”

I like to freestyle! I don’t have set poses. I’ll capture whatever it is that a person is doing! I like the natural feels. Off guards are my absolute favorite!

Shay has an Instagram and Snapchat (@peggsx3)