Cedrick Clark is a portrait photographer who specializes in seniors and young children. He is just beginning his journey in photography. He has had a lot of experience photographing friends and family. He has researched much of what he knows on his own using the Internet and tips from other photographers. He is very excited to get started doing something that he enjoys. Cedrick is a father to two beautiful little girls who he calls his biggest inspiration during his journey into photography. He is a big family man, and his love for kids makes taking photos very fun for him.

What do you love about photography?

I love capturing memories that will last a lifetime. My favorite photos to do are photos where kids are playing in a comfortable environment and are not asked to pose. I love to capture the true beauty of their little personalities. I also love seeing the satisfaction on a customers face after seeing the finished product. It is great to be a part of each family’s special moment.

What is your “secret sauce?”

I think that the biggest thing that sets me apart from others is my personality. I have a passion for photography and i don’t show up just to shoot a few pictures and call it quits. I enjoy meeting new families, getting to know them and having fun during each shoot. I want customers to feel relaxed and be happy with their session and i feel that my personality allows for this to happen.

Cedrick’s work can be seen on his Facebook page.