Leonarda is a portrait and fine arts reproduction photographer. She pursued a fine arts minor with an emphasis on digital arts at Ashland University. She has studied under professional wedding photographers and has experience at a traditional portrait studio. Leonarda started photography at the age of 8 when her grandpa gave me a 110mm camera. In 2010, she bought her first DLSR and started to pursue photography as an art form over a hobby. Over the years, it has turned into a passion that has brought her much happiness. When she is not working on photography, she enjoys spending time with her family and collecting records.

What do you love about photography?

Photography is an art form that captures stills from otherwise fleeting moments. With the click of a shutter, photographers break the ephemera of a moment and allow it to be enjoyed for as long as those photos exist. In the face of life and all of its temporality, photographs provide us comfort, freezing time within the frames of its image.

What is your “secret sauce?”

My photos are meticulously shot and have a unique aesthetic. I put an emphasis on minimalist composition and utilize many principles from 70s cinema to provide portraits that are not only well-composed but showcase modernity through a feel of yesterday.

Leonarda’s work can be seen on her website, GreterPhotography. She also has a Facebook page and Instagram account.